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“Teams of the future will consist of humans and robots working in synergy, unleashing unparalleled, powerful performance levels.”
Marieke Peeters
Chief of AI
Our Vision & Mission

Today most robots are in a fixed position or remote controlled. We are on a mission to create a platform where you can develop robots and intelligent machines that we trust to be part of our everyday lives

We want to create a go-to platform for the robotics industry. Not only a place to access all the tools and develop, but also a place to share knowledge and develop best practices. 

Our goal is to accelerate the development and introduction of autonomous systems in a seamless and accepted way, making the transition to this new paradigm as smooth as possible for the general public.

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Influencing the future of human-robot teaming

We believe systems will only get more complex, and more autonomous. The skills and ecosystem need to be integrated to be able to deliver at scale. To this end, we will work to build out a collaborative ecosystem of stakeholders to ensure that autonomous systems are integrated successfully and transparently, and that everyone feels part of the process. By doing so, we hope to create a future where robots are embraced by all, and where we can all benefit from the advances in technology that they bring.

Our inception

Asimovo is a spin-out of Almende, a research center focused on the power of self-organizing teams and collaboration in driving innovation and progress.

Almende have had a small dedicated Robotics team, called Do-Bots for over 6 years. While developing a number of Robots, as part of Horizon funded European collaboration projects, the team saw there was an opportunity in the market for better robotics development tools. We had an idea to combine the principles of self organisation with cloud services to provide a new solution for the robotics industry. 

Asimovo was formed in 2023 and we are delighted that the idea we had over 2 years ago is now being turned into a real solution for the Robotics industry.

Driving principles

The main driving principles at inception are what still drives us  today:



Empower creativity and innovation through the Asimovo platform, do not constrain it



 Use Simulation together with cloud computing to power an iterative development process



A robotics platform where many can access and develop as part of different teams and projects



Empower Movement in Robotics – with best practices in training and developing autonomous systems

“In a properly automated and educated world, then, machines may prove to be the true humanising influence. It may be that machines will do the work that makes life possible, and the human beings will do all the other things that make life pleasant and worthwhile.”
Issac Asimov

Taking the foundation of Robotics coined by Isaac Asimov in the 1950s as our inspiration, and updating those ideas using the latest technology in AI and Cloud computing. So we have created Asimovo and hope that it is the inspiration for creating a new collaborative future.

Our Founders and Leadership Team

Our Founders & Leadership team

We are a highly talented and diverse leadership team. A mixture of dedicated roles and expert advisers.

Christine Fraser

CEO and Founder

Christine’s mantra is – Think big, believe in what you do, create excellence and deliver the impossible. Christine is a successful  business leader and product expert with 20 years experience working in start-ups and scale-ups. She has launched over 40 products and services across multiple industries including medical devices, IoT and consumer electronics. Christine has both a Masters degree in Product Design Engineering and an MBA.

Ludo Stellingwerff

Chief Technical Advisor, Founding team

Fascinated by dynamic systems, Ludo Stellingwerff’s approach to software engineering is inspired by loosely-coupled dynamic systems of technical, biological and social nature; systems that exhibit inherent robustness and scalability, which can be translated to software architecture. His creative approach is augmented by a problem solving mentality resulting from over 14 years of experience in the various parts of IT. Ludo holds a Master of Science degree in Software Engineering, building on top of a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Aerospace Technology.

Marieke Peeters

PhD Chief of Artificial Intelligence, Founding team

Marieke has over 10 years of experience as a researcher in the field of human-AI-robot-collaboration and -teaming. She investigates how artificial intelligence can be integrated effectively and responsibly as part of human work processes, teams, and organizations. Her accumulated knowledge and skills from various domains, such as applied cognitive psychology, AI, ethics, and user-centered design, help her tackle the numerous challenges that arise in this transdisciplinary field.

Aad Nales

Business Builder, Founding team

Solutions that support overhead and management are very, very boring. The most interesting problems are those of the people delivering the real value. Aad has a MSc in Business and Computing Science and has mainly worked in commercial roles throughout his career. When Aad combined his technical background and business skills  with  self organisation he found himself a new purpose. Aad brings those skills and experience to Asimovo to help build the business and deliver new solutions to the market

Réka Bérci-Hajnovics

Robotics Engineer and Super User

Reka has over 6 years of experience developing different robots and robotic systems. Reka has a Masters degree in Biomedical / Medical Engineering from Delft and has been applying her knowledge across robotics projects from drone simulation, to underwater inspection to camera systems for agricultural applications. At Asimovo we always want to have a voice of the customer at the table and Reka helps ensure we are integrating the right tools and assets for Robotics engineers.


We are always looking for passionate people

Let’s define the world of Robotics and autonomous systems together. Lets create a world class platform and services that delight our users.

At Asimovo, your work has impact. Not only is it challenging, but it’s also meaningful. Have fun, learn together and build excellence

Discover together what is important for your career and the role and we ensure we always create win-win situations

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