Smart Robotics Research

Keeping research and higher education close to cutting-edge robotics by providing access to collaboration capabilities, quick set-up and resources

Connecting robotics project, tools & resources

The skills needed to be a robotics developer are growing and evolving. Robots have become too complex for one discipline to cover. To deliver robots effectively at scale, it’s essential to enhance skills, improve performance, and foster easier collaboration. Building smarter robots requires a smarter approach to development. 

Being able to deliver higher quality education for robotics is important. Set up  your robotics course, or research project, on the Asimovo platform. Asimovo gives you access to both the latest robotics tool-kits; and the ability to harness and use complex cloud based capabilities. Collaborate easily in your dedicated project environments using cloud based and native robotics tools such as ROS 2 and Gazebo.

We understand these hurdles and stand ready to support the journey towards innovative and sustainable robotics solutions. Ensuring researchers can collaborate with each other, and industry partners, using the latest enhancements in robotics.  

Time-consuming setup.

Tooling compatability and laptop performance hinder learning.

A fixed budget constrains technology upgrades and program expansion.

Involving partners and adapting to their real-life robots need simplification.

The absence of a standardized approach for client communication limits collaboration.

Smarter Robotics Research & Education

  • Connecting Teams to Each Other & Their  Robots
  • To the tools and development environments they need
  • Project Work Packages & Results
  • Computing Resources, Both Local and in the Cloud

How it works

Higher Quality Delivery of Robotics Courses

Fast set up of courses, with the latest digital toolkits always available

Troubleshoot and showcase work easily using cloud based collaboration

Allocate appropriate simulation and computing resources, so costs are always controlled.

Teach what is relevant to industry and collaborate with industry partners easily


Getting Started​

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