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Robotics development can be slow and frustrating

Cloud computing has its drawbacks, particularly for robotics web tools. Despite these limitations, its benefits for collaboration and resource access are undeniable. To accelerate robotics, developers need more than code sharing.

There has to be a smarter way to develop and test robots.

Robtics is no longer just mechatronics and hardware, it is complex behaviour building, iterative simulation and data processing. Robotics combines skills across all engineering and scientific disciplines – from AI and ML to Industrial Automation to Areospace

Embrace the benefits of Cloud Computing in combination with native robotics tools. Work seamlessly between cloud and native IDEs.

There is now a smarter way to develop and test robots.

Many Robotics tools are only available natively. Web versions have limited capabilities. So many still work in silos

Need a way to connect many people, in many locations to each other and the robots

Access to the right processing power for the task at hand

Lack of best practices and documentation

Need a way to keep the digital: reality gap small and mitigate latency, so there can be an increase in the use of digital twins and simulation

Embrace the benefits of Cloud Computing

Asimovo have listened closely to the needs of robotics developers and teams. We have built a platform to empower robotics development, not constrain it.

We have combined the benefits of the cloud (remote collaboration and processing resources) to Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) and the robotics development toolkit.

Empowering a Software First approach to robotics that embraces an iterative development and testing cycle

All accounts have access to example projects

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Asimovo in action

An example of how HIL solutions can be set up and worked on using the Asimovo platform. Furthermore, you can use this project to gain information on how to interface ROS1 robots with ROS2 systems.
The operating system of the robot runs ROS1 Noetic, while the other software in this solution is implemented with the use of ROS2 Foxy packages.

This project was created using the Husarion ROSbot 2, ROS2 Foxy, Gazebo Fortress and the Asimovo platform.

The developer case study covers the detailed steps you need to take to set up a project, run a simulation, control and navigate a ROSbot, and launch the system.

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