Asimovo RoboDevOps

Smart Robotics - SAAS platform for developing and testing robots

At Asimovo, we believe robots will transform the way we live and work

As the market for robotics continues to grow, we recognise the importance of tools that enable the industry to build solutions that are high performance and scalable. 

Our platform empowers iterative development and collaboration:

Use simulation to develop high level control systems or testing scenarios

De-risk projects and increase the quality of robots

Align, collaborate and iterate towards robot proof of performance

Access robotics development tools in the cloud - ROS, Gazebo and many more

Smarter Robotics Development

  • PEOPLE – Multidisciplinary teams & their hardware
  • TOOLS – Development toolkit & environments
  • WORK – The project work packages & results
  • RESOURCES – Computing resources, both local & cloud based

Asimovo RoboDevOps

Asimovo is a RoboDevOps platform for developers. Set up your project team and tool kit before working in local or cloud supported IDEs

Asimovo has integrated open source, ROS based tools, as well as a collection of assets such as robots, environments and protocols. Making it a one stop shop for developing and testing robots.

Set up your projects

Share and collaborate easily

Pick from our library of parts or upload your own:

  • Robot hardware
  • Hardware components
  • 3D worlds
  • ROS packages
  • Scenarios & missions


Everything in one place

Access full robotics toolkit

All your working windows available in one platform

  • ROS
  • Gazebo
  • Sensor data viewer
  • Terminals
  • File browsers
Allocate resources

De-risk and improve performance

Allocate the resources needed to get the job done

  • Allocated computing resources to projects or people
  • Make your project as open or as secure as you wish, full access control
  • Modular approach to work packages making it easy to allocate work to different team members
Transfer data and code 

Transfer code to robot hardware easily

Bring hardware into the loop at anytime

  • Work in either local or cloud based IDEs
  • Transfer from digital world to real world seamlessly
  • Upload real sensor data 
  • Real time remote troubleshooting

“We believe great robots will be created iteratively, with simulation and collaboration being at the heart of that process.” ​

Christine Fraser // Founder & CEO

The Solution

A RoboDevOps platform for developing and testing robots

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