Asimovo RoboDevOps

Your teams' professional platform for developing and testing robots

Connecting robotics teams, tools & resources

Robotics companies face challenges in developing their solutions sustainably. To scale their robots effectively, it’s essential to enhance skills, improve performance, and foster easier collaboration. Building smarter robots requires a smarter approach to development. We understand these hurdles and stand ready to support the journey towards innovative and sustainable robotics solutions.

Many are still stuck on just getting the hardware to work.

Need diverse skill set to cover all capabilities needed. Most work locally making it difficult to collaborate.

Digital reality gap not managed well, hindering scaling

Complex and autonomous behaviours require iterative testing and large processing power

External evnvironment moving fast, always something new to consider

There is an opportunity to go faster, with increase performance - opportunity to do this smarter

The RoboDevOps platform for developing and testing robots

Get to market 5x faster

Higher quality performance

Scalable & Affordable

Connecting the pieces needed to work smarter

  • PEOPLE – Multidisciplinary teams & their robot hardware
  • TOOLS – The development toolkit & environments
  • WORK – The project work packages & results
  • RESOURCES – Computing power, both local & cloud based

Asimovo RoboDevOps

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A cloud-based platform for developing and testing robots

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