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Almende has started a new initiative in collaboration with DoBots to lower the threshold to the robotics world. The initiative, Asimovo, will use cloud-based technology to create simulation environments online so that developing and testing robots is accessible to anyone, anywhere. 

Asimovo is currently in a private beta with European universities and will be available for the wider public from Q1 ’22 onwards.

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Iterative robot development

Co-creation robotics

Asimovo makes it possible to collaborate on the development of a robot and work in the same simulated environment. The user can easily create and share its work. The simulation can easily be shared with a potential customer, who can zoom in and view the robot from different angles, possibly with VR glasses. The simulation can also be displayed on a phone or tablet and presented to others without worrying about the demo effect.

Turnkey ROS environment

Asimovo is ideally suited to simulate mechatronic systems as well as environments in which robot motion planning algorithms can be developed and tested. Beginners and advanced ROS users are able to work within the environment. With Asimovo, you can create a turnkey ROS environment in minutes with a fully functional robot moving in a virtual environment.

Simulate to experiment

More and more applications are simulated before the idea enters the real world. In the field of robotics, simulation environments are becoming increasingly popular. Makes sense because the costs of developing and building robots can be high. That is why simulation takes a central place in the world of robotics. It provides a safe environment to experiment with a valid digital representation of a system without incurring such high costs. In addition, skills are further developed and improved in order to promote effective learning around robotics.

Take a look for yourself and see what it can do for you

A cloud-based environment that....

Makes the process iterative

Learn as you do, small investments, frequent integration

Makes infrastructure easy

Virtual, cloud-based, on-demand, infinite growth

Makes the environment virtual

Run anywhere, work online, shared environment, hardware-in-the-loop, promote expertise

Makes the components stackable

Open standards, open source, market place, new ML techniques

Makes testing repeatable

Automated scenario testing, high level of verification

"Currently, installing and understanding the Ubuntu, ROS and ROS related packages takes a lot of time for novice ROS developers. With Asimovo, you can create a turnkey ROS environment in minutes with a fully functional robot moving in a virtual environment."
Robotics Engineer @DoBots

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