Taking Digital Twins to the Next Level with Robotics

Digital twins are shaping the way we design, operate, and maintain complex systems across industries. Asimovo were invited to be part of the Gemini Call Live event that took place in London on 11th June. This was a unique opportunity to share valuable insights and discuss the robotics use case within the wider digital twin community.

There were about 150 attendees between the live and online events. However more will be able to access the recordings when the become available. It was great to be speaking alongside 5 other experts, and discuss topics in the Q&A session that followed the presentations.

Speakers were:

🔊 Christine Fraser, Asimovo, outlined how we use digital twins to help build robot-2-robot and human-2-robot behaviours.
🔊 Miranda Sharp, Metis Digital, looked at how we engineer transactions involving data sharing so that people consider it fair exchange of value.
🔊 Ashiq Anjum, University of Leicester, spoke about self-learning digital twins and their use in applications such as net zero and health.
🔊 Ali Nicholl, IOTICS, introduced MODE (MObility Data Exchange) and its role in enhancing the reliability of the bus network for the West Yorkshire Combined Authority.
🔊 Daniel Gibson and Graham Faiz, DNV, launched Connected Digital Twin Insights: Rising to the Challenge across the UK Energy Sector and Beyond.

📹 hashtag#GeminiCallLive! was recorded and will be available very soon on the Digital Twin Hub: www.digitaltwinhub.co.uk. Thanks to the hosts Simon Evans FIMechE and Justin Anderson.

Find out about more the weekly Gemini Call and upcoming live events: https://lnkd.in/e8bwHixU

The Digital Twin Hub is a global community of passionate professionals driving the adoption and advancement of digital twin technology. In addition to the on-line weekly community standup, the Gemini Call Live event was a way for people to come together at a live venue to discuss digital twins and –

🌐 Connect with Like-minded Individuals from Around the World
💡 Share Knowledge, Ideas, and Best Practices
🤝 Foster Collaboration and Partnerships
🚀 Be at the Forefront of the Digital Twin Revolution

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