Exchanging ideas with the ROS Community at the ROS MeetUp Netherlands

A week ago, Asimovo took part in the ROS MeetUp Netherlands organized by the Dutch ROS Users Group at RoboHouse in Delft.

The weather was quite intimidating but luckily that did not influence the turnout! It was a great evening.

Our CEO & Founder Christine Fraser took part as a speaker at the event and shared with everyone her favorite talks and learnings of each day of ROSCon 2023.

Michael Allwright shared his talk at ROSCon 2023 and broke down for all of us the Educational side of the event.

Our Robotics Engineer Veronika Bojtár, broke down 4 shared talks from ROSCon 2023, on simulation, and presented to all of us the same talk that she presented at ROSCon about Multi-drone simulation with deep q-learning.

Tomasz Jaskiewicz, a Professor from Rotterdam University, shared an amazing presentation about how, dirt-cheap, robots can have life-changing roles inside our cities and how citizens react to them.

To put proper pressure on the Lightning Talks sessions they took place just before the drinks. All speakers coped well under pressure:

  • Aashish Vatsyayan from SAMXL showed the great value of their facility in developing industrial robots.
  • Iván López Broceño, a Student at Delft University, for his presentation of an Extended Map Server Tool for Non-Planar navigation with Nav2 for ROS2.
  • The evening ended with the last Lightning Talk by Michael Allwright which showed how you can run ROS and Python directly from the browsers with amazing results.

After the planned parts the evening continued for an hour or two with bites and drinks and great conversations among ROS enthusiasts. That was the best part of the evening.

We are looking forward to continuing to participate in the ROS Community.

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