Asimovo Leading the Way at IEEE RAS Exchange

Asimovo helped lead the first European IEEE Entrepreneurship Exchange. Even when working in startups it is important to give back to the ecosystem. This week it was the turn of our CEO and Founder Christine Fraser in her capacity as a representative of IEEE Entrepreneurship Committee.

Focusing on helping Robotics startups design for manufacture and prepare for production. Christine was one of the organisers of the inaugural event, held in Rotterdam on 1st February 2024. We had some really inspiring and informative speakers Hugo Honijk from Spark design & innovation, Arjan van Oirschot from van Oirschot Product Support and Albert Maas from Avular
From our experience working in startups and working with Robotics start ups we are seeing many struggle with the challenges of both designing for manufacture and preparing for production. In both of these phases a company needs to adopt new ways of working, now decision making processes and even hire new dedicated team members. The skills and capabilities needed to build your first robot are vastly different from those needed to make 100 or more. The purpose of the Entrepreneurship Exchange was to help bring some of those problem areas alive through discussing both processes and case studies. Hearing directly from the companies that help with that transition day in and day out, as well as a featured robotics example.

The attendees were 60% from robotics companies (28% of those less than 3 years old). Another 19% of the audience were academics or students. With >83% saying they are highly likely to come to another event we believe we have managed to generate some momentum and plan to build upon it for future events. Thanks to Gemeente Rotterdam, High Tech NL Robotics. Holland High Tech and IEEE Robotics and Automation Society especially Rob Schmidt

We are now in the process of planning additional events for later in 2024, including a dedicated event at the ICRA @40 which is planned to take place in Rotterdam in September 2024.