Announcing Asimovo-SURF Collaboration

Robotics and Education: The Asimovo-SURF Collaboration” – Asimovo and SURF are jointly exploring possible collaborations to empower institutes and students in robotics. Discover our shared vision and how our cloud-based platform enables creativity and development in robotics. SURF have invited Asimovo’s Founder and CEO, Christine Fraser, to speak at the SURF Cloud Event 2024. This partnership highlights our commitment to fostering educational advancements and technological progress in the field.

SURF is a Dutch cooperative organization that provides IT services, primarily focusing on education and research institutions. They specialize in offering advanced and innovative IT infrastructure, including high-speed internet, cloud solutions, and data storage, aiming to facilitate top-tier research and education through cutting-edge technology.

SURF has over 100 Universities, Applied Universities and Research Institutes as it members. Being able to deliver higher quality education for robotics is important to many SURF members. SURF want to ensure it offer its members the most cutting edge innovations. Ensuring Robotics education in the Netherlands is able to compete globally. This includes having access to both the latest robotics tool-kits and the ability to harness and use complex cloud based capabilities.

Around 90% of companies believe they will be adopting some sort of digital automation before the end of the decade. Many industries will transform in that time as society adapts to changes in the workforce, aging populations and climate challenges. Digital transformation and data driven decision making have the potential to influence all areas of society.

Nowadays, robots are primarily tools capable of performing simple, routine tasks. They’re capable of performing highly standardized tasks within a highly predictable environment without the need for human interaction. Advancements in “smart robotics” are about to change the way people and robots interact. Robots will gradually evolve and become capable of performing more comprehensive, non-routine, tasks, where they perform as part of a larger team. As a result, the experience of working with a robot will gradually shift towards that of working with a teammate. In the next five years, this  trend will continue to develop and create new opportunities for human-robot collaboration. 

Robotics will touch all areas of society. Advanced robotics combined with other technologies such as AI, simulation,cloud computing and even supercomputing (high performance computing), will play an influencing factor in accelerating change. Robots will not only be able to perform new tasks, they will be collectors and processors of data touching all areas of research and beyond. When industry is changing so fast there is a challenge for SURFmember to keep their educational content and courses up to date and relevant. The teaching of robotics is already evolving beyond just mechatronics and is shifting its focus into smart robotics disciplines.

The SURF Cloud Event 2024 will take place on the 7th March 2024, in Amersfoort, The Netherlands.

Get inspired at the SURF cloud event. You can join one of three parallel sessions covering a mix of topics – technology, research, practice, innovation and future tracks on cloud and AI. The event will take place at De Prodentfabriek, Oude Fabriekstraat 20, 3812 NR Amersfoort

Robotics and Education: The Asimovo-SURF Collaboration – Christine Fraser, Round 3 : 14:30 Vergaderzaal

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