Highlights from our Live Product Demo

On the seventh and eighth of June Asimovo was at the Vision, Robotics and Motion event in the Netherlands. A show full of industrial robotics and a show case for the Dutch robotics industry. Our leadership team was out in force led today by Ludo who did a wonderful demo and presentation on our Asimovo platform.  
Not only did he talk through all the features and benefits of the platform, but he also did a great live demo showing people how we’ve built the platform to work in the cloud. Illustrating how developers of robots can use all the integrated tools such as the Gazebo simulation environment. Showing how simple it is to create a workspace with robotic hardware, different control systems, and run various scenarios in order to build out the high level of control. All from within the product. 
The video shows how Ludo is demoing a robotic arm and rover into the same 3d simulation environment, and how he’s able to control that fully remote in real time whilst hosting everything in the cloud. However the show’s obviously not just about presenting, it’s also about meeting and networking with new people. So a great show over the two days, and thanks to the organisers.
And if you missed us here come and see us at Automatica