Smarter Robotics Research & Education Program with SURF

Robotics will touch all areas of society. Advanced robotics, combined with other technologies such as AI, simulation, cloud computing and even supercomputing (high performance computing), will be influential in accelerating change. Robots will not only be able to perform new tasks, they will also be data collectors and processors covering all areas of research and beyond.

Being able to deliver better-quality robotics education is important to many SURF members. SURF wants to be able to offer its members the most advanced innovations in robotics education in the Netherlands and prepare the next generation of robotics professionals for global competition.

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We are presently testing the Asimovo-SURF solution with a number of Dutch Higher Education Institutions. In parallel we are kicking off an Innovation Project to explore a number of ways to ensure the most efficient use of Dutch computing resources. Those resources include individual devices, on premises processing as well as cloud based services.

In addition we are going through the procurement and registration process. All three of these initiatives are working towards having the Asimovo-SURF robotics platform and services available to all SURF members before the start of the next academic year.

Want to know more about how Asimovo can be used as part of a research project or to teach robotics, read our case studies.

To express your interest or request to join the program contact SURF directly

Giuseppe Gianquitto, Program manager SURFs Innovation Lab

Telefoonnummer +31 88 787 30 00, E-mail