Asimovo, In Demand, & Promoting Robotics at ZIE 2024

It was great to be out and about again on the 4th April. This time at the South Holland Technical Industry Networking Conference. We were invited by the City of Rotterdam (Gemeente Rotterdam) as one of the showcase start-ups. 

This event is focused on connecting technical companies in the region. Helping foster collaboration and partnerships. A great way to meet new customers and suppliers. The City of Rotterdam had its own area at the show, that focused on providing new and upcoming companies with a way to connect to the attendees. We were also close to some other robotics companies. We are proud to be part of a country and region that is so active in the robotics industry.

The sun was shining, the carpark was full and the hall was buzzing. Many people were out and about to understand what new technology is on offer in the region. Others were there looking specifically for solutions. We were able to demo some of the default project that are part of the Asimovo platform. There is always a relevant project for people to try out when they log into the platform for the first time. Many people attending were technical and could be directed directly to the developer area of our website. For others they were looking for more generic information. Either because the taught robotics or were a company looking to expand their robotics department and projects

On the stand we also promoted the Entrepreneurship Exchange events we have started to organise together with the City of Rotterdam, Rotterdam Partnersand IEEE Robotics and Automation Society, and raise awareness with local industries about for ICRA@40 happening later this year in Rottermdam. Thanks to Rob Schmidt and Frank Bruls

We were also speaking with other robotics companies about the upcoming Entrepreneurship event that is happening at Up Steam, in Rotterdam at the end of May. This is a side event, as part of the Up Steam Festival .