Now Influencing the Future of Open Source Robotics

Asimovo have been elected onto the Open Source Robotics Alliance (OSRA) Technical Governance Committee (TGC). The TGC is responsible for approving the proposed activities of each of the open source robotics projects and committees (PMC), approving Project Leader nominations, reporting to the Board on the activities of the OSRA and status of each project, and forming Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Technical Committees (TCs) as needed to do its work.

The Open Source Robotics Foundation (OSRF), a Not-for-Profit organisation, is creating the Open Source Robotics Alliance initiative to provide a governance system for open source projects. The governance system is intended to provide technical oversight, help with providing resources of all types required by projects, and in general contribute to the long-term stability of the projects while remaining vendor-neutral.

The OSRF encourages organisations and individual people who are interested, and contribute to, open source robotics to become members in the OSRA. There are six classes of membership: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Associate, Supporting Organization, and Supporting Individual. Each with different benefits and membership fees.

“We firmly believe open source initiative and projects will help accelerate the robotics industry. There are many areas of robotics that rely on collaborative development, by many organisations and people, before they can have a positive effect on society. By making it easy for many people to work on open source projects, together, we believe robotics professionals will have a bigger impact than if they work alone.” says Christine Fraser who will represent Asimovo on the new OSRA TGC, “We are delighted to be able to be a representative of the 15 silver members. It is an exciting time to be in robotics and the OSRA TGC can help positively influence the future of robotics, for the benefit of all”

As an elected member Asimovo will be responsible for

1. Attending regular and irregular meetings of all Silver Members organised by the TGC Chair for the purpose of bringing discussion topics from the TGC to those members and ascertaining the views of all Silver Members.

2. Attending the TGC meetings to take part in discussion and decision making, during which the representatives shall present the views of all Silver Members, including indicating the strength of each view, and cast their votes on behalf of the Silver Members in keeping with those views.

3. Communicating to the Silver Members when there are actions they can or should perform relating to TGC activities, for example the imminent chartering of a Technical Committee that Silver Members may wish to participate in.

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